" Give everyday the chance to be the most beautiful day of your life."
~ Mark Twain



Maya was born in Kassel, Germany in 1986.

Starting at a very young age, Maya began participating in childrens dance classes, took ballet lessons and played the Violin.

However, as soon when she discovered her profound love for figure skating, she dedicated all her time and energy to that newly found passion of hers.


Soon afterwords she began competing as a figure skater and won various national competitions and starred in several ice-skating shows.

At the age of 14, Maya was forced to put an early end to her professional figure skating career, due to a severe car accident.

After her full recovery, Maya graduated from high school.

Her passion for dance, expression and performance led her to acting.


In the following years, Maya studied with various acting, dance and vocal coaches in Germany.
In 2008, Maya successfully completed the full-time program at the filmacting school, Studio of young Artists in Hamburg, Germany.
She had her first on-stage appearance in the play "the sickness of our youth" in which she played the leading role "Marie".
In the Winter of 2008, the movie 'The Crosser' premiered, in which she landed her first big-screen leading role.

In the following year she continued to improve her acting abilities and moved to Los Angeles to study at the renown "Stella Adler Academy of

Since 2011 she picked up figure skating again and trained with some of the most well known  coaches  in Los Angeles and Berlin.
She continues to skate in ice shows.

Maya also works as a commercial/print model and as a Blogger for her own Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel Blog. All At Once.